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Paddleboard Rental

Pick-Up and Drop-Off Service

St. Croix SUP is a local Paddleboard and Kayak outfitter in the St. Croix Valley. Public boat launches and beaches are the best places to take off. Going to the cabin for the weekend? If you have a rack, we have the straps. Come pick up your rental and take it where you want.

Rental Rates

  • Kayak (per day only) $75.00
  • Paddleboard Full day (8 hours) $90 + tax
  • Paddleboard Weekend (3 days) $200 + tax
  • Paddleboard Weekly (5-7 days) $400 +tax

A credit card is required for paddleboard rental. Cancellations are required 24 hours prior to the start of class/rental or you are charged half rental.

Additional Information

  • Lose a paddle? $100
  • Lose a life jacket? $50
  • Lose a Fin? $50
  • Lose a strap? $50

Damage to the Paddleboard

We understand that there will be scuffs from time to time, because of general wear and tear. If there is a ding (a piece of material missing from the fiber glass) in the paddleboard greater than ½ inch long and 5cm deep, there will be additional charges placed on your credit card of $50 plus the cost of material.

If you fail to return the board, your credit card will be charged at the retail price of the board.